Get daily SMS updates about the spread of COVID19 in your county.

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⚒️ Elfsight + Airtable + Twilio + Parabola + Zapier

I searched all over the place, but couldn't find a service that could update me with reliable COVID19 data, specifically I wanted to know about my county. After some searching, I found that Johns Hopkins was the best data, and I "ran into" someone online who had created an API wrapper so that data was easily accessible.

As soon as I knew this was possible, I knew it'd be pretty easy to accomplish without code. I made the site using Adobe Muse (yes, it's some old software), the form with Elfsight, it would then auto-populate an Airtable database, and finally get pulled each day through a complex Parabola flow.

Over 100 people signed up for COVID-SMS in the first month, and Parabola recognized my effort to help.