A simple mobile web app to find and support Black owned restaurants in Southern California.

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āš’ļø Glide + GSheets + Gmaps API + Parabola

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I saw a few Google sheets that people had started putting together consisting of Black-owned restaurants in multiple municipalities with the goal of helping people support these businesses. Obviously spreadsheets aren't the nicest UX, and I recently did a deep dive on Glide Apps, so I knew how easy it would be to give the UX a major upgrade.

The data I intially got was just the restaurant name, the neighborhood, takeout or delivery option, their instagram, and in most cases their website. I still needed information like exact address, hours, and nice-to-haves like ratings. I plugged in the spreadsheet to a Parabola flow and enriched the existing data using the Google Maps API, then dropped it into my own spreadsheet. Hooked that new spreadsheet up to Glide and just tinkered with the UX a bit from there. The map view is the most useful to see ones directly near you, so that's what the app opens up to. From A-Z this project took less than 10 hours (would've been shorter had I knew what I was doing off the bat, but I went through an iteration or two before using GMaps API).